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Press brake dies

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The materials of press brake die

First of all, you may have a question, what are press brake dies made of? Generally, the materials which used to make press brake dies that including T8 steel, T10 steel, 2CrMo,  and Cr12MoV. For Cr12MoV, it is a type of good material obviously. The using performance itself could be satisfied, the processing performance is good as well. However, there’s a little bit disadvantage of it which might be its price. For 42CrMo, it is a type of high strength alloy quenched and tempered steel, which with high strength and strong toughness. It can work under the temperature of -500℃. 1t mainly requires high strength, high toughness, and good wear resistance.

The production process of press brake dies

Down → Forging → Tempering → Finishing → Quenching → Annealing → Conditioning → Coarse Grinding → Finishing → Inspection → Packaging → Factory

Generally, the standard length of the press brake punch and die set is 835 mm. In order to bend workpieces with different length, the punch and dies are separated into blew sizes:

Upper Die size

Figure 1  Upper Die size

Lower Die size

Figure 2  Lower Die size

Specification sheet of press brake dies

specification sheet

Figure 3  specification sheet

Processing workpiece drawing

Figure 4  Processing workpiece drawing

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