Safety Precautions for Working with Plate Rolling Machine
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Safety Precautions for Working with Plate Rolling Machine

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Sheet metal rolling is an industrial metal forming process that requires the use of complex equipment. This requires operators to take safety measurement when using the metal rolling machine. The following are safety precautions that operators must follow up with metal rolling equipment.

BLMA W12-4 roller plate rolling machine

Figure 1  BLMA W12-4 roller plate rolling machine

  • For preventing any accidents, the hold-to-run and emergency termination controls must be installed in the sheet rolling machine.

  • The operator should understand the structure and performance of the machine, master the operation process of the system, and strictly abide by the operation rules. It is necessary to ensure the operation button of the electrical system is in the original position before starting and stopping work. Check whether lubrication is sufficient before and during machine operation. When the machine is running, the machine should be stopped for inspection when abnormal conditions are found, and the transmission parts should not be loose or damaged.

  • There are many moving mechanical components in a metal rolling machine, which is prone to wear and tear after a certain period of time. Maintenance and repair can be performed for enhancing performance. Electrical system should be checked regularly, dust removal, timely replacement of failed components, pay attention to check whether the grounding wire is firm. Regularly check the reducer fixing screws and top wire, tighten them or loosen them.

  • The operator must wear personal protective equipment such as workshop aprons, gloves, protective headgear, and heat and spark resistance glasses, etc. The use of PPE is highly important to reduce the chances of a potential accident.

workers stand from a safe distance

Figure 2  workers wear personal protective equipment

  • The operator must work on the sheet metal rolling machine from a safe distance,  the operator must not come in contact with any moving components.

workers wear personal protective equipment

Figure 3  workers stand from a safe distance

  • The environment in the vicinity of the sheet metal rolling equipment must be well maintained. There shall not be any temperature reactive object or chemically reactive material in the vicinity, to prevent accidents.

  • During daily usage, it is not allowed to roll the steel plates without leveling the weld and leveling directly on the machine tool. Operators should remember that the driving roller and the auxiliary roller cannot be carried out at the same time, that is, the rotation of the lower roller and the lifting movement of the upper roller cannot be carried out at the same time. Sheet metal needs to be repeatedly pressed and bent, to avoid excessive pressure, and the damage to the machine. Roll board strictly according to operation rules, do not overload the machine or unreasonable use it.

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