Selecting molds layers of pipe bender
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Selecting molds layers of pipe bender

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The model of the pipe bender is generally ACNC-BA-CS, where A is the size of the product to be bent, B is the number of axes of the pipe bender, and C is the number of layers required. How do I determine how many layers of mold I need?

Reference drawings

Figure 1: Reference drawings

Generally, the number of layers is determined according to the number of molds. The number of molds is determined according to the bending data of the drawings of the processed products. The following three parts are for reference:

There are three main types of pipe bender molds: ordinary, push bending, and forming. The pipe fittings in Figure 1 are common types of mold layers. Please refer to the following table for the determination of the number of mold layers.

Selection distance

Table I:Selection distance table

No matter how many times the conventional parts are bent, the same bending radius can be completed with a set of molds. as many sets of tools are required as there are various bending radius. For push bending, a set of push bending molds can be used. When encountering the special situation shown in Figure 2 below.

Comparison of forming mold and ordinary mold

After bending the first bend, continue to use the same mold to bend the second short-distance bend. It can be seen that the elbow and the wheel mold block interfere and cannot be clamped. At this time, it is necessary to make a set of profiling molds as shown on the left in Figure 2 to make the first bend and the bending mold block completely fit to eliminate interference. In this case, although the bending radius is the same, two sets of molds are still required to complete.

Therefore, it is recommended that the bending radius of the pipe fittings should not be too much, and it is best to control it under four types.

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