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Take you to find the right plate rolling machine
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Take you to find the right plate rolling machine

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When buying a plate rolling machine, the manufacturer will always ask you: please provide the width of the plate and the length of the plate, such as a pile of data? So what do these numbers mean? First of all, we understand the meaning of the model of the lower coiling machine (Figure 1).

Rolling machine model

Figure 1  Rolling machine model

You can see that the data you provide directly determines the type of machine you need:

1. Plate thickness and material

The maximum rolling plate thickness of the machine also determines the power plant power of the machine.

2. The plate width

Length of machine

3. Molding size

Determine the size of the rolls on the machine

And then we'll look at the model of the machine.

1. W11 three-roller (mechanical) (Figure 2)

W11 three-roller (mechanical)

Figure 2  W11 three-roller (mechanical)

This model is relatively simple, but the Plate edge is very poor and has a lot of straight edges

2. W11S three-roll upper roller universal (hydraulic) (Figure 3)

W11S Three-Roll Top Roll Universal (Hydraulic)

Figure 3 W11S Three-Roll Top Roll Universal (Hydraulic)

Compared with three roller (mechanical), the plate edge it processed will be much better.

3. W12 four-roller (Figure 4)

W12 Four Rollers

Figure 4   W12 Four Rollers.

Four-roller is suitable for sheet metal forming work, can roll round, arc and a certain range of conical workpiece, and has the plate end pre-bending function, the remaining straight edge is small, high efficiency, and can be roughly flat sheet metal on the machine.

What is a pre-bending? Sheet rolling machine is a shaping machine for continuous point bending of sheet material. When Ordinary symmetrical three-roll plate rolling machine works, the two ends of the plate will be left to a certain width of the dead edge, after the roll is made into a cylinder, it also need to deal with the dead edge (both ends of the straight edge), and then plate can be combined into a cylinder, pre-bending function is to solve this problem. As straight lines, the dead edges cannot be spliced into circles, so the circles will be cut off after rolling, which is a waste of materials. In most cases, a pre-bend is performed to minimize the length of the dead edge.

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