The Control System of Laser Cutting Machines
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The Control System of Laser Cutting Machines

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Each fibre laser cutting machine needs to be equipped with a laser cutting control system. The laser cutting control system is mainly used in contorl the trajectory of the laser cutting head and the diatance between the laser cutting head and the object to be cut. 

The common laser cutting machine control systems are as follows:

1.NC  Studio

NC studio, also named NCStudio numerical control system, is a self-developed, copyrighted motion control system for engraving machines. This system can directly support G code, PLT code format and Eng format generated by various CAD/CAM software such as UG, MASTERCAM, CASMATE, Art CAM, AUTOCAD, CorelDraw, etc. 

NCStudio is based on the Microsoft Windows operating system and takes full advantage of the power of 32-bit computing and multitasking. At the same time, the standard Windows-style user interface is easy to operate, reliable and easy to learn.

In addition to manual, stepping, automatic and return to mechanical origin functions, this NC system also has unique functions such as simulation, dynamic display tracking, automatic Z-axis tool setting, breakpoint memory (program skip execution) and rotary axis machining.


2.Cyp Tube

CypTube laser cutting control system, CypTube for short, is a system software for square tube type laser cutting, including laser cutting process processing, common nesting functions and laser processing control. The main functions include graphic processing, parameter setting, custom cutting process editing, path planning, simulation, and cutting process control.

CypTube software must be used with a dongle and control card for actual process control. When CypTube is running on a computer without a dongle, it will be in demo mode and you will have normal access to all functions except process control. Therefore CypTube can be installed on a separate laptop for pre-processing design.

Bochu system is a laser cutting machine system developed by domestic personnel for the domestic market, a non-closed loop open element system developed for laser cutting machines below 2000W, this system has the advantages of easy operation, rich functions and simple man-machine operation for laser cutting machines within 1000W, it is widely used by most domestic laser cutting machine manufacturers for laser cutting machines within 1000W, after years of upgrading and After years of upgrading and experiments, it is now the most stable system configuration for laser cutting machines within 1000W.


3.PIC System

This is a relatively old board card control system, PIC system can be integrated to run on an ordinary computer, using the background software to control the analog signal transmission, the control system is very old, but belongs to the Kaiyuan system.

4.PA8000 System

PA system is an open CNC system (CNC) based on PC technology, and its advanced technology has been adopted by many automation companies in the world.

5.Beckhoff system

Beckhoff is based on Windows operating system, but Windows itself is a non-real-time system, which is theoretically unsuitable for industrial control. In this regard, Beckhoff ' s Windows operating system and Twincat control software's system resource matching function and priority setting function can ensure that even if Windows crashes, Twincat still works normally. Windows The Beckhoff 's control is in the form of a soft PLC, where the control software and the system software are all computed on the CPU of the IPC.

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