The Differences of Different Types of Steel Plate Rolling Machine
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The Differences of Different Types of Steel Plate Rolling Machine

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1. Types of steel plate rolling machine

They can be divided into three-roller and four-roller subdivided as following:

  1. W11 series mechanical 3 roller symmetrical plate rolling machine

  2. W11F series mechanical 3 roller asymmetrical plate rolling machine

  3. W11S series 3 roller upper roller universal plate rolling machine

  4. W12 series hydraulic plate rolling machine with 4 rolls

2. Difference

When using three-roller symmetrical plate bending machine, the sheet material is placed between the upper and lower rollers, and the upper roller is pressed down to make the sheet material bending between the supporting points. When the two lower rollers rotate, the sheet material moves due to the action of friction, so that the entire sheet material is uniformly bent.

The upper roller universal plate bending machine can be moved up and down or horizontally. The up and down movement of the upper roll is used to change the curvature of the curved sheet, and the horizontal movement is used to change the vertical symmetrical position of the upper roll to the axis line of the two lower rolls, in order to realize the end of the plate bending and fulfill the process requirements for various bending. Therefore, additional equipment such as a press is required, which can be loaded at one time, and the pre-bending and forming bending functions of the two ends of the plate can be completed by turning the head, and as well as correction for forming workpieces.

three-roller symmetrical &Upper Roller Universal diagram

Figure 1   three-roller symmetrical &Upper Roller Universal diagram

As the Asymmetric three-roller plate bending machine, the upper roller is located above the lower roller, and the other roller is on the side, which is called the side roller. The upper and lower rollers are rotated by the same motor. The lower roller can be adjusted up and down, and the maximum distance of adjustment is approximately equal to the maximum thickness of the steel plate that can be rolled. The side rollers are passive and can be adjusted in an inclined direction.

three-roller asymmetrical diagram

Figure 2    three-roller asymmetrical diagram

The advantage of this asymmetrical three-roller plate bending machine is that the two edges of the plate can also be bent, and the length of the remaining straight edge is much smaller than that of the symmetrical three-roller plate bending machine, which is less than twice of the plate thickness. Although the sheet metal cannot be bent between the side roll and the bottom roll, the entire bending process can be completed as long as the sheet material is taken out from the bending machine and turned around.

The four-roller plate bending machine is basically similar to the asymmetric three-roller plate bending machine, except that a side roller is added. The bending of the sheet edges is performed by two side rollers, which overcomes the problem of the sheet. The trouble of turning and bending on a symmetrical three-roller plate bending machine.

Four-roller diagram

Figure 3  Four-roller diagram

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