The Role Of The V-Grooving Machine
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The Role Of The V-Grooving Machine

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Due to the increasing pursuit of product aesthetics, the arc formed by conventional bending and bending can no longer meet the needs, and the public began to pursue the three-dimensional sense of edges and corners. Therefore, when bending, we prefer the arc of the bending Angle to be smaller. In order to meet this need, the process of grooving emerged.

V-Grooving technology is metal or nonmetal material forming auxiliary process, in the forming of metal or nonmetal materials need to bend at the use of special equipment to cut out the V groove, the material is easy to bending forming and bending Angle of R can be minimized, reoccupy bending machine or manual bending forming, processing is complete and meet the requirements of product appearance on this method. 

The depth, width and Angle of the V-groove can be guaranteed by the amount of feed and the shape of the planer during planing. At the same time, for the convenience of production, the grooving machine (Figure 1) has come into our view.

V-Grooving machine

Figure 1  V-Grooving Machine

The processing purpose of the V-Grooving machine is shown in Figure 2

Grooving effect

Figure 2  Grooving effect

Its job is to create a notch in the plate at the bend in the shaded part of the drawing, and then bend it. Figure 3 shows the comparison of bending effect between grooved and non-grooved.

Grooving bending VS conventional bending

Figure 3  Grooving bending VS conventional bending

It can be seen that the plate is not grooved after bending and the arc surface of the outer angle is very large without the beauty of bending after grooving.

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