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The trend of over 10,000 watt laser cutter development
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The trend of over 10,000 watt laser cutter development

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The fiber laser cutting machine which over 10,000 watt has been developed and put on the market. Over 10,000 watt laser cutting machine is the inevitable trend of the development of laser cutting industry. On the one hand, due to the laser cutting equipment market competition pressure, the market of over 1,000 watt production saturated, thus the competition is particularly fierce already. In order to seek a breakthrough, the appearance of over 10,000 watt production breaks the market stalemate. On the other hand, the higher the power of laser cutting machine, the higher the processing efficiency, the better the processing capacity, and the lower the costs will be, which corresponds in line with the trend of modern market development.

over 10,000 watt quantity

Figure 1  over 10,000 watt quantity

In terms of cutting speed, the difference of each laser cutting machine speed grade is larger. Although the price is higher, the production efficiency is also higher as well. Thus, it can save labor costs.

Carbon steel cutting speed

Figure 2  Carbon steel cutting speed

Stainless steel cutting speed

Figure 3  Stainless steel cutting speed

In recent years, the popularity of 10,000 watts fiber laser cutter continues to rise. It has been applied in aerospace, high-speed railway, petrochemical and other fields. With the continuous high-end development of the terminal industry, such a kind of equipment will develop towards high power, large area, high-speed cutting, bright cutting, ultra-thick plate cutting and other development. And this industry has good development prospects though the price is high and mainly used in high-end fields. Nevertheless, welcome to BLMA laser for consultation and choose such an equipment!

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