What are the Advantages of Electric Press Brake Machine Over Hydraulic Press Brake Machine?
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What are the Advantages of Electric Press Brake Machine Over Hydraulic Press Brake Machine?

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In recent years, the maturity of high-power and high torque servo motor and drive technology and the reduction of cost have promoted the application of relevant electric servo drive devices.

The CNC press brake widely used in the sheet metal industry has opened a new trend that the electric servo main drive replaces the hydraulic main drive. What are the advantages of electric servo press brakes?

1. Operation

The electric servo synchronous CNC press brake is controlled by a professional and advanced CNC system. The operation is very simple and convenient, and the experience requirements of the operator are not that particular. Input the correct drawing, and the bending can be performed. It can also be automatically calculated as well. Compared with the torsion bar press brake, it relieves the excessive dependence on manual experience of bending work.

Input the correct drawing

Figure 1   Input the correct drawing

2. Bending methods

The Y1 and Y2 axes on the left and right sides of the electric servo press brakes run independently and can perform eccentric bending. Such advantage is a good solution to the problem that the torsion bar bending machine, and cannot be bent under eccentric load.

Y1 and Y2 independent control

Figure 2   Y1 and Y2 independent control

3. Efficiency

The CNC bending machine is controlled by a numerical control system, which realizes automatic calculation, storage and conversion of various processes, and saves a lot of labor costs. Expand the processing range of the equipment, faster and more efficient. In addition, this type supports multiple axes and multiple types, and can be customized according to the products requirements. What’s more, exclude the conventional Y1 and Y2 axes (the left and right oil cylinders that drive the slider to move up and down), the X axis (the back and forth movement of the back gauge), there are also the R axis (the up and down movement of the back gauge), Z1 axis, Z2 axis ( The left and right movement of the finger), etc.

Axis diagram

Figure 3   Axis diagram

4. Higher bending accuracy

The bending speed of the electric servo press brake is adjustable. It can set and adopt a more appropriate bending speed for different thicknesses, different materials and different bending lengths,which can improve the bending accuracy and maintain the higher productivity.

The bending angle error of the hydraulic press brake is within ± 1 °, while the main drive of the servo press brake drives the lead screw through the servo motor, which has higher transmission accuracy. The bending angle error can be well guaranteed to be within ± 0.5 °. This is exactly what you need for a product with high precision requirements.

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