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What should I do if there is a Interference during the production of pipe products?
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What should I do if there is a Interference during the production of pipe products?

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There are various problems with the bending pipe due to the shape problem, the most important of which is the collision with the machine. These interference include: the pipe hits the machine head, and the feeding car and the pressure die collide during feeding. The interference in machine head is the most common, so our company will solve this problem for the customer when we provide the machine to the customer. There are many cases of the interference. One is that the tube in Figure 1 circles upwards, causing the lower end of the tube to be squeezed on the machine head when the second half is bent (red ).

Product too high interference

Figure 1 Product too high interference.

In this case, the mold needs to be heightened, and the mold is raised until the pipe is bent to a certain distance from the head arm without interference. Including the feeding car core penetrating mechanism needs to be raised synchronously.

The other is to collide the machine head when the pipe is turned over. As shown in Figure 2, take A as the starting point to bend the last bend, and the workpiece has collided with the machine before it has turned 90°and is not in place. At this point we can try to start from the other end of B. This avoids interference.

Interference at corners

Figure 2 Interference at corners

In addition to the above collisions, there are also some situations in Figure 3

Feeding Interference

Figure 3 Feeding Interference

Because the end distance E is too short, the guide die is clamped to the feeding car when the feeding car is clamped for feeding, and the operation cannot be performed. In this case, you can generally set the order after bending the pipe in the relevant settings on the page of programming in the operation manual that we sent randomly, which can be modified as (Clamp first→Bundle tube clamp open →Feed seat back→ Pressure die Clamping→ Bending), so that the pipe fittings are positioned first, then the trolley is withdrawn, and the guide mold is clamped again to avoid interference.

If there is a problem that cannot be solved, the supplier will communicate with the customer whether the size of the part can be changed to achieve the purpose of production.

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