Why do you need a CNC bending machine in your workshop
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Why do you need a CNC bending machine in your workshop

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The press brake is an important manufacturing machine for bending and forming sheet metal needed in almost every workshop. However, today's technology provides us with advanced CNC control to improve accuracy and productivity. In order to meet customers faster, more, more accurate needs.

CNC Press Brake

A bending machine forms a predetermined bend by clamping the workpiece between a matching punch and a die and bending the metal with tonnage force.

CNC press brake is much more specialized than normal press brake. CNC, short for Computer Numerical Control, and CNC bending machine can bend metal sheet workpieces from from several inches to several feet in length. They have a fixed bottom bed, The lower die is fixed on the base, and the upper die moves downward through the force exerted by hydraulic cylinder or servo motor to forge the sheet.

CNC Press brake not only has smart CNC controller,but also has proportional valves and grating ruler. Grating ruler is used for checking position and feed back to the CNC controller.can calculates all the positions of the ram and backgage. It also can check for errors, can calculate the correct bend sequence and repeat the motion over and over again for production forming. So the CNC controller can recognized the real -time location of cylinder and give new signals all the time. If you use a normal or NC press brake, there is no feedback on the cylinder position and control.



CNC Press Brake Myths vs Facts

There may be some misconceptions around CNC controlled press brakes.

1.CNC Press brakes are too expensive:

Adding CNC control to the bending machine does add some cost (15-20%), but it soon makes up for that with productivity gains. You can increase output, and output and income will naturally increase.

2.CNC Controls are for only for production:

CNC controls are not only not just for production. Today's graphical CNC controls are much easier to use for prototypes and small runs. They automatically calculate bend deductions, blank lengths, ram approach position, bend depth, bend sequence and so much more. They do all this with minimal input from the operator making the setup and operation of a CNC controlled machine much easier, faster, and in the end, cheaper to use.  

3.Difficult to learn and use:

Today's CNC controllers work in a very simple form, with basic graphics input by operators who perform extensive internal calculations to provide and perform the complex functions of a bending machine. High-end systems also support 3D programming and 3D display, simple interfaces, easy to use, easy to navigate, and a rich set of features that make Settings and operations easy and quick. Today, these systems often require only a few hours of instruction before an operator can become proficient with them.

CNC Press Brake Can Improve Your Business

CNC press brakes are widely used compared to manual or NC press brakes in most workshops and production environments. As we said, CNC bending machines today are easier to program and run, easier to use, and reduce labor costs.

Save Money

CNC press brakes work much faster than other machines. Faster to set up, they produce less waste, make the right part the first time, and can make products in large quantities more quickly.


CNC Press Brakes can be programmed to complete more than one task. You can set it up to do several jobs, pick the material needed, choose the pressure required and you can do it all in the language of your choice. From forming to punching, hemming and louvers too a CNC Press brake can do much more than just bend.

BLMA CNC PRESS BRAKE bending louvers

Figure 2   BLMA CNC PRESS BRAKE bending louvers

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