Methods to Ensure Quality Assurance of Shearing
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Methods to Ensure Quality Assurance of Shearing

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As one of the important methods of metal sheet processing, the hydraulic shearing machine is mainly used to cut the straight edges of various specifications of plates. It has the characteristics of simple working mode, high efficiency, and low cost, and the quality of processed parts is average. The sheet metal shearing machine is able to meet product design and process requirements.

Sheet shearing is generally the sourcing process for preparing to blank, and its quality directly affects subsequent process processing. In production practice, the problem that the size of the shearing parts does not meet the requirements often occurs. With the continuous improvement of cutting quality requirements, it is necessary to have an overall understanding of the actual cutting accuracy and the main factors affecting the cutting accuracy in order to take appropriate measures to stabilize and improve the cutting quality.

1. Ensure the positioning accuracy and reliability of the back gauge

The positioning accuracy and reliability of the back gauge directly affect the dimensional accuracy of the parts blanking. In the shearing process, the back gauge needs to withstand impact, especially for large and thick plates, so it needs good rigidity and strength. During production, it is necessary to frequently check the deformation of the back gauge and whether the back gauge mechanism is working properly to ensure its parallelism and accuracy with the blade and avoid dimensional differences and size differences in cutting.

2. Accurate positioning of sheet cutting

The board shearing positioning method mainly includes back gauge shearing and line shearing. Alignment cutting includes marking the accessories, and then relying on the light silhouette of the shears, cutting the accessories with the line on the workbench, and cutting the accessories with the tape measure. Because the positioning of the wire cutting accessories requires a visual inspection, the dimensional accuracy of the sheet metal shearing machine is obviously worse than the back gauge cutting.

3. Reduce the movement and deformation of the plate during shearing

Sheet shearing is an extremely complicated process under stress. During the shearing process, due to factors such as large shearing force required for thick plate parts, a small number of pressers Insufficient foot force will cause swimming, which will lead to poor shear parallelism, which will affect the cutting size. During production, you can try to place the plate in a position where the hydraulic shearing machine has many press feet and the press foot force is relatively stable to get better Dimensional accuracy.

sheet metal shearing machine

4. Regular inspection

Routine inspection of blades, bed surfaces, positioning features, and other operational aspects is another important method for achieving perfect quality. If it is a hydraulic system, checking the hose may help prevent mechanical delays.

5. Make sure the blade is adjusted

In terms of achieving machining results, it is necessary to ensure that the blades are adjusted according to the thickness and bendability of the workpiece and the cutting tool. If the blade is not adjusted properly, the working material may break.

6. Lifting boom clearance

The boom gap refers to the small distance between the pressing pin and the surface of the machining bed. Positioning is the most important because this feature allows for easy adjustment of the upper and lower blades. It can also be used as a support for a hammer and spatula.

7. Correct adjustment of the pressing pin will prevent deformation during machining

It is important to adjust the manual compaction according to the thickness of the working material that must be machined. Improper adjustment or neglect can lead to overload and deformation. If deformation occurs, it will lead to inaccurate machining.

8. Check the low front angle

If you are concerned about cutting quality, the blade is an important specification to ensure. When buying hydraulic guillotine shearing equipment, which is used to process thinner metals, it is best to ensure that the front angle in the blade is small, as this will facilitate strong and precise cutting. The small guillotine shearing cutting machine has an adjustable front blade, and the proper management is helpful to obtain the advantage of finishing.

9. Material standards

There are differences in material quality. Different materials need to set different machine parameters. Changes in the material of the shearing material affect the quality of the shearing. If you want to obtain high-quality cuts, please perform trial cuts and adjust parameters before cutting to obtain precise cut sizes.


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