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What is Hydraulic Ironworker Machine

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Hydraulic Ironworker machine (also named hydraulic combined punching and shearing machine) is a new type of punching and shearing machine equipment, which is widely used in steel molds, vehicles, bridges, and other projects. It has reliable performance. Moreover, the hydraulic ironworker machine uses well-known brand accessories to ensure the performance of the hydraulic combination punching and shearing machine. The bracket of the ironworker machine is provided with square holes and round holes of different sizes so that the square steel and round steel can pass through smoothly and perform the shearing. Not only is it convenient to operate, but also energy-saving, the cost is also very low. There is an automatic material pressing mechanism on the steel plate shearing worktable. There is also a stopper on the worktable for positioning and shearing. The thickness of the workpiece can be cut to press the nut on the presser foot of the cylinder.

hydraulic ironworker machine

The features of hydraulic ironworker machine

1. Using hydraulic transmission, the whole machine has reasonable structure, lightweight, low noise, light, and reliable and has overload performance.

2. The hydraulic ironworker for sale is equipped with a punching station, channel and angle steel shearing station, thick plate shearing station, round steel and square steel shearing station, angle cutting station. Optional accessories such as punching large holes, sheet bending, channel steel punching, shutters, and pipe angle cutting are available.

3. Standard equipped with five stations and dual hydraulic workstations can work independently at the same time. The ironworker machine does not need any horizontal debugging, it can be used after being placed in place. Optional CNC control system to increase automatic punching and shearing efficiency.

4. The ironworker equipment adopts top processing technology, the frame is welded by the whole machine, and is processed by high-temperature quenching so that the frame has high rigidity and high strength; the tool is processed by a special vacuum and high temperature to extend its service life.

5. Equipped with a pipe cutting die, it can also cut and groove the pipe, with high efficiency, cost savings, and beautiful cut surface.

hydraulic ironworker for sale

The application of hydraulic ironworker machine

1. Steel structure

2. Elevator car and parts

3. Trailer-spare tire parts, trailer hinges, plate hooks

4. Construction machinery industry ---Belt conveyor, processing on the mixing station

5. Agriculture and animal husbandry machinery industry --- threshing frame body, trailer body parts

6. Food industry machinery-slaughter equipment frame and parts

7. High and low voltage iron tower zero Component

8. Wind power generation equipment --- processing of parts on stairs and treads on wind power generation towers

9. Mechanical processing --- built-in parts for connection.

ironworker machine for sale

BLMA hydraulic ironworker machine

1. Q35Y series multi-function hydraulic ironworker machine is a sheet metal and profile processing equipment integrating multiple functions. It is widely used in steel structure processing and production, high-voltage wire towers, telecommunications towers, street lamps, advertising, shelves, elevators, ventilation. It is a manufacturing enterprise for pipelines and other civil facilities; and can be used for the production of large steel bridges, military industry, aerospace, and other high requirements, high precision, and other production and construction. The machine uses hydraulic transmission. It is the latest domestic joint punching and shearing machine. Steel, round steel, angle steel, channel steel, and I-beam are sheared, punched, die-cut, and equipped with a shear block device.

2. Specially designed stripping board, good and safe design, easy punching operation. The quick die replacement system can greatly save the time of replacing the punch and maintain its accuracy. There are various kinds of punching dies. Removable stripper baffle to meet various needs, suitable for punching of various sizes. The lower blade has four-sided cutting blades that can be replaced. The machine does not need any horizontal debugging, after being placed in place, it’s ready to use. The optional CNC control system can increase automatic punching and shearing efficiency.

3. Hydraulic ironworker machine can do butt shearing on the edge of the flat iron. The two-piece work board is equipped with scales and positioning blocks for easy operation. The machine adopts European top processing technology, the frame is welded by the machine, and it is quenched by high temperature. Make the frame with high rigidity and high strength; after special vacuum and high-temperature treatment, to extend its service life. The special curve design on the knife board minimizes the distortion of the shearing pieces, which is the most ideal for flat plates, angle irons, etc., which is convenient for butt shearing work. It is equipped with a safety cover for electrical interlocking, which is safe and easy to use. The workstation can be replaced with special ones to cut channel steel, h-shaped steel, and various types of steel.

ironworker shear

The material pressing device of the hydraulic ironworker machine is mainly composed of a group of material pressing cylinders. Before the tool holder descends, the material pressing cylinder plunger presses against the spring to press the plate. After the shearing is completed, it is reset under the action of the spring. Equipped with a protective grille for protection. Replace the upper and lower dies of the punching hole of the combined punching and shearing machine. For the replacement of the punch, use the hook wrench to loosen the lock nut to remove the punch. After installing the new punch, tighten the nut (punch of various sizes) The mounting dimensions of the head and the tail are the same, so the replacement is quick.

hydraulic ironworker

BLMA is China top 10 hydraulic ironworker machine manufacturers, offering high-quality ironworker machine for sale and hydraulic ironworker machine. If you have any needs, please contact us!

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