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How to choose the press brake mold size
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How to choose the press brake mold size

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How to choose the press brake mold size

When we provide customers with the bending machine mold, some customers will think that the mold size we designed is too large, and hope to reduce the size. In fact, the choice of brake press mold can not only rely on their own ideas, as a professional manufacturer, we recommend to customers the mold size, generally is the most consistent with the use of the hydraulic press brake machine.

Different tonnage of the machine corresponding to the die size is also different. The height of the machine below 200 tons of upper die is generally 150mm. The height of other large tonnage is 180. If it is too high, you need to change the structure of the bending machine. And the lower die corresponding to different tonnage will have different dimensions.

Whether the size of the upper and lower die can be changed needs to be determined by combining with the parameters of the machine, which is determined by the maximum opening height of the bending machine and the stroke of the slider, as shown in Figure 1

Figure 1 Mold size relationship

Figure 1 Mold size relationship

In the figure, the 40T machine is taken as an example, and the maximum opening height is 420mm. The mold is installed in the drawing, and the upper mold height is 120mm (mold height is 150mm- clamping position height is 30mm) and the lower mold height is 95.

The calculation method is

Opening height -100mm (quick clip height) - Upper die height - lower die height + notch depth = required stroke. After calculation, the travel required in the drawing is 117mm, which is less than the travel of the slider of this bending machine, so it can be used normally.

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