What is complementary bending
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What is complementary bending

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What is complementary bending

Speaking of bends, you may hear the word “complementary bending”. What is this? At the same time, under what circumstances is it necessary to adopt complementary bending?

Complementary bending is a kind of technology, its role is to solve some parts of the press brake can not be formed at a time, the use of two clamping way to avoid interference and other phenomena. The bending method is the same as the ordinary bending action, the only difference is that the complementary bending place may not be at the end of the press brake bending machine, it may be the penultimate bend or the middle bend. Since both sides have been bent and formed, the car cannot be used to locate the bending position, so the bending position needs to be manually located.

When do you need it? As shown in figure 1. Such a fitting bends in either direction

Figure 1 Bend Interference Points

Figure 1  Bend Interference Points

After our simulation experiment (Figure 2), interference will appear at the two red box positions in Figure 1

Figure 2 Bend Interference

Figure 2  Bend Interference

In this case, we would recommend that the bend be left at the end and be bent separately so as to avoid interference, as shown in Figure 3

Figure 3 Steps of Bending Compensation for Bending Parts

Figure 3  Steps of Bending Compensation for Bending Parts

The above is the role of complementary bending of brake press and the introduction of what environment to use.

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