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5 Minutes to Understand Hydraulic Shearing Machine
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5 Minutes to Understand Hydraulic Shearing Machine

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Hydraulic shearing machine, as the name suggests, can be understood as this shearing machine is a hydraulic transmission, different from the mechanical transmission. The mechanical impulse can only cut thin metal sheets (generally less than 10mm) because you want to cut a thicker for large plates, the pressure of mechanical transmission is far from enough. While the hydraulic metal shears can provide higher pressure, which is enough to cut thicker plates.

As long as the machinery with hydraulic pressure as the transmission system, the hydraulic shearing machine must have complete hydraulic equipment, namely motors, couplings, oil pumps, valves, cylinders, and some accessories. The hydraulic equipment transmits electric energy through the motor, which is then converted into the kinetic energy of the hydraulic oil, so as to provide huge pressure to cut the plate.

hydraulic metal shear

Hydraulic swing beam shearing machine and hydraulic guillotine shearing machine are commonly used hydraulic shears. The difference between the two is introduced to assist in understanding the hydraulic shearing machine. The hydraulic swing beam shearing machine adopts the main oil cylinder (fixed on the wall plate) for downward shearing movement and the return stroke of the nitrogen cylinder, so the hydraulic system is simplified and the operation is more stable. The upper tool rest of the swing beam shearing machine swings in an arc around a fixed axis during the cutting process. Through lever action, the fulcrum is small, which can increase the life of the cutting blade and the life of the machine. The whole machine has a compact structure and can be adjusted. The stroke of the upper tool post greatly improves work efficiency. The upper tool rest of the hydraulic guillotine shears directly moves from top to bottom during the shearing process, which is different from the hydraulic swing beam shears which swing in an arc around a fixed axis.

In addition, the difference between the two types of hydraulic metal shears is introduced from the four aspects of accuracy, cutting angle, blade, and cylinder life.

1. Hydraulic guillotine shearing machine has higher cutting accuracy than hydraulic swing beam machine

① Take 16*3200 hydraulic swing beam shears and hydraulic guillotine shears as examples. The gap between the pendulum and guillotine blades is less than 0.6mm, but the bearing between the swingarm and the swing frame of the hydraulic swing beam machine is connected. The clearance cannot be eliminated. The cumulative shearing accuracy error of clearance and blade clearance is generally above 1mm, and the guillotine shears have no clearance, so the cut material is smoother, no burrs, and higher precision.

② The knife post of the hydraulic swing beam shears is arc-shaped, and it uses arc-shaped point contact to ensure the straightness of the cut material, and the hydraulic guillotine shears has a vertical linear motion relative to the lower blade. Ensure that the shearing sheet has small distortion and more accurate straightness.

③ For the hydraulic swing beam shearing machine, the force point of the knife holder and the blade are not in the same straight line and the distance is relatively long. After long-term work, the knife holder is prone to fatigue and deformation, which makes the phenomenon of the knife more serious. Because the oil cylinder, knife holder, and knife-edge are in the same straight line and move perpendicular to the lower knife-edge, the hydraulic shearing machine is not easy to deform.

2. Adjustable cutting angle

① The shearing angle of the hydraulic swing beam shears is a fixed angle, and the shearing speed cannot be adjusted.

② The guillotine shearing machine realizes angle adjustment by adjusting the oil volume of the closed cavity in series with two engineering cylinders. The shearing angle is enlarged, the shearing capacity is increased, the shearing angle is reduced, the shearing speed is increased, the electric energy and working time are saved, and the bending degree of the sheet is effectively reduced.

hydraulic shearing machine

3. Advantages of the rectangular blade of hydraulic guillotine shears

① The blade point of the hydraulic swing beam shearing machine tool holder moves in an arc shape when working, and can only use diamond blades with two-sided cutting edges. While the guillotine shearing machine tool holder directly uses four-sided cutting edges because of its linear movement perpendicular to the lower edge. Rectangular blade, so that the service life of the blade is doubled.

② Shearing plates with diamond blades are likely to cause twist-like distortion of the plates. The narrower the material cut, the more serious it is. Rectangle blades can avoid this defect.

4. Cylinder life

The semicircular block of the built-in cylinder used in the hydraulic swing beam shears is difficult to lubricate and is not easy to repair, while the upper and lower chambers of the engineering cylinder of the guillotine shears are filled with oil and no additional lubrication is required, which greatly improves the service life.

Compared with hydraulic swing beam shears, hydraulic guillotine shears have obvious advantages. If hydraulic shears are used, it is recommended to use guillotine shears if the budget is sufficient.

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