How many axis do you need on a Press Brake?
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How many axis do you need on a Press Brake?

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When it comes to sheet metal press brakes, many people get confused. You may just want to use your hydraulic press brake for the purpose it was born as before. Hydraulic bending is an important mechanical component for any metal manufacturer, but you may not know how to choose a new bending machine. There are a variety of models and sizes and the causes that drive them. Given all the complexity, how do you decide how many axes you need to bend? Which axis is important due to your requirements?

What is the minimum number of axis needed on a Press Brake?

The number of axes your press brake needs depends on the parts you want to bend. As for a torsion bar press brake, it will have a minimum of 2 axes. There will be Y axis for the ram position and one X axis for the back gauge. If bending simple parts, such as pans or boxes, this will sufficient.

The most common configuration we have seen is what many people call a three-axis bending machine, including Y1/Y2, X and R. The combination of these axes provides the maximum function of a bending machine, and is also the most affordable choice for common users.

X-axis Y-axis diagram

Figure 1  X-axis Y-axis diagram

Things to consider when purchasing a multi-axis Press Brake

When purchasing a multi-axis CNC bending machine, it is important that you must first consider the complexity of the part you are forming and precision requiring. The best idea is to have an experienced operator and the correct back gauge system, which will expand their skills. However, nowadays, smart and experienced bending machine operators are becoming more and more difficult to be found. Therefore, the application of the correct back gauge will reduce the cost, and the help of each part makes a good press operator a great one. The less experience the operator has, the more axes you should have. In addition, experienced operators know the benefits of the correct back pressure gauge for the application.

What’s more, advanced parts call for more axes as well. It’s better to discuss this with a qualified press brake dealer or manufacturer. They will give you proper suggestions.

We BLMA, knowing press brakes and forming. Our experts can assist you in selecting an appropriate press brake for your application and corresponding to your budget at the same time.

multi-axis back gauge system

Figure 2   multi-axis back gauge system

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