How to choose the Press Brake that suits you according to the product
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How to choose the Press Brake that suits you according to the product

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When choosing a machine, many people have a question, can this machine process my stuff? Will the machine still work if I change the product? And a series of questions about the machine.

The first thing you need to know is that the most important thing about the feasibility of bending is to look at the combination of molds. And how to choose the tonnage of the bending machine? The first is the tonnage calculation, which requires the formula:


“P” is the calculated pressure that needs to be converted into tonnage, “S” is the thickness of the material, “L” is the transverse length during bending, and V is the width of the die slot. The calculation of the V value needs to be designed according to the plate thickness. The current V=S* magnification, the magnification is calculated by 8 times due to the different values of the plate thickness below 10mm and greater than 10mm by 10 times. When this value is calculated, the corresponding tonnage of the bending machine can be obtained. Table 1 is the bending pressure gauge corresponding to different plate thicknesses.

Bending pressure gauge

Table 1  Bending pressure gauge

When calculating the tonnage, you need to consider the specifications of the machine. Usually, you can buy the corresponding sheet bending length (A size in Figure 1) or a slightly larger one, but if your (Figure 1 B size) bending edge is too large, you need to Find the corresponding model according to the column spacing column of the product selection manual. Because the column cannot be removed as the main structure, but its spacing will hinder the advancement of the sheet.

Bending Part Labeling

Figure 1 Bending Part Labeling

If you do not plan to buy a large model, you can check the table to know the throat depth of the machine. If the depth is greater than the B value in Figure 1, you can use it. If it is smaller, you can only replace the longer model.

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