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How to improve the efficiency of press brake
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How to improve the efficiency of press brake

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The main working parts of the bending machine are the backgauge (X axis) and the cylinder (Y axis)

Backgauge: As more and more press brake manufacturers have generally adopted servo motors, ball screws and linear guides, the positioning of the backgauge is fast and accurate. Therefore, customers who want to improve the positioning efficiency cannot start from the hardware itself, but should consider more reasonable design schemes. If it involves a complex process, such as the following workpiece,figure1.

Special bending workpiece

                                     Figure1 Special bending workpiece

The traditional backgauge is not able to make positioning in one step of this the above bending job. It needs to be bent several times, which makes the efficiency much lower. If the customer's budget permits and high efficiency is required, the following backgauges need to be used for positioning.

Six axis back gauge

                                           Figure 2 Six axis back gauge

It should be pointed out that for this kind of multi-axis backgauge,needs advanced cnc press brake controllers, such as DA66T and DA69T from DELEM, are required.

The cylinder part (Y axis) currently has two types,one is Torsion shaft bending machine,one is  electro-hydraulic bending machine,check following figure3

torsion bar press brake cylinder      torsion bar press brake cylinder 2

       Figure3 torsion bar press brake cylinder                                      Figure4 torsion bar press brake cylinder

The cylinder stroke of the torsion bar bending machine is driven by the motor to control the internal block of the cylinder. The disadvantage of this structure is that the adjustment speed is relatively slow. If some workpiece is composed of both 90 degrees and 135 degrees, this adjustment method is particularly slow. Not suitable for mass production. Check above Figure4.At present, many manufacturers use servo motors to control the stroke of the cylinder, and appropriately increase the stroke speed.

If you want to greatly increase the stroke speed of the cylinder, you can consider an electro-hydraulic sychronized cnc press brake.The cylinder stroke of this bending machine is controlled by a high-precision proportional valve, which has fast speed and high precision.

In addition, reasonable bending steps design can also greatly improve production efficiency. As for the one-stop service of sheet metal processing industry, BLMA can design reasonable bending procedures for customers through drawings provided by customers, so as to bring customers the greatest use value.

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