Selecting die for Press Brake
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Selecting die for Press Brake

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When using a press brake, the die is essential, and the accuracy of the die determines the final accuracy of the product. According to the needs of the product, the bending machine die classification Figure 1:

Die classification

Figure 1 Die classification

For different products, we need to choose different dies. A set of standard dies that we distribute with the machine can be used to produce most of the non-interference plate parts. When encountering interference, we will consider using the gooseneck dies to avoid the red workpiece as shown in Figure 2.

Gooseneck mold

Figure 2 Gooseneck mold

When there is still interference, we need to modify the gooseneck mold (Figure 3) to avoid the interference position.

Avoid the gooseneck mold

Figure 3  Avoid the gooseneck die

If you need to make a regular bending plate such as corrugated board, it will be more efficient to use a forming die. The above is the analysis of the upper die.

The lower die will randomly match the upper die with a multi-V die. Each surface of the multi-V die has a bending groove, which is suitable for the thickness of the plate or the bending angle. When the bending angle is small or the bending distance is short, it is recommended to use double V and single V, which is more convenient.

When many workpieces are bent, there will be interference between the bent edge and the die. At this time, the die is segmented as needed. The upper die of the standard die is generally composed of several segments of 800 to 835.The upper die is segmented as shown in Figure 4:

Die Segmentation

Figure 4  Die Segmentation

According to this segmentation, many combinations can be made to achieve most sizes. Compared with the number of interference between the upper and lower dies, it can also be segmented according to this data.

The above is a simple understanding of what kind of dies you need for the product.

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