Why can't I set the Y value of my Press Brake
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Why can't I set the Y value of my Press Brake

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When bending workpieces, sometimes I enter the Y value for another workpiece, but cannot be set. Why? First of all, let's understand the axis of the bending machine. The bending machine generally has abbreviations such as 2+1 3+1 4+1, etc. What does this mean? Such as 2+1, first 2 represents the axis Y of the main function, and the X axis of the back gauge of the auxiliary function. The +1 axis is the mechanical compensation of the machine. 2+1 is generally the basic function. 3+1 and 4+1, etc. are all perfected in the back gauge. As shown in Figure 1, the Y axis is the key axis, which is driven up and down by the oil cylinder.

Y-axis of bending machine

Figure 1 Y-axis of bending machine

So the adjustable range of the machine determines its action size. If the maximum stroke is only 350, the actual movable range is only 100 after removing the mold thickness. So your setting value cannot exceed this range. If you do not exceed the range and still cannot set, then it is the following possibility, because your Y axis has not reached the vertex, so it cannot be set as shown in Figure 2. After the operation is completed, it can be set.

The slider rises to the top

Figure 2 The slider rises to the top

This is because the system has its own protection measures, one of which is to prevent jamming caused by overtravel. If the slider is not raised to the top, its remaining movable range is less than 100. Inputting a number that is larger than the movable range as a mistake by the user may crush the mold. The second is easy to use. If you know that the slider stops in the middle of the stroke, you need to measure the remaining space when setting the whereabouts, so it is the safest and most convenient to set it up to the top.

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