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5 Minutes to Understand Laser Cutting Machine System
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5 Minutes to Understand Laser Cutting Machine System

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The laser cutting machine is a high-tech intelligent equipment integrating numerical control technology, laser cutting technology and inverter power supply technology. The development of laser cutting technology is based on the common progress of computer control, laser optics, power electronics and other disciplines. Among them, the numerical control system plays a very important role. 

There are three commonly used control systems.


1. The PIC system belongs to the old-fashioned board control system. It can be integrated into an ordinary computer to run, and use background software to control analog signal transmission. Although the control system is old, it belongs to a complete Kaiyuan system.


2. CypCut is a laser cutting machine system developed by Chinese personnel for the Chinese market. It is a non-closed loop open element system developed for laser cutting machines. CypCut has the advantages of simple operation, rich functions, and simple man-machine operation. It is widely used in laser cutting machines by most domestic laser cutting machine manufacturers. After years of upgrades and experiments, it is currently a stable system configuration for laser cutting machines.


3. PA8000 system. The PA system is an open CNC system based on PC technology. Open CNC technology represents the most advanced technology in the global CNC field. This technology has been adopted by many famous automation companies in the world. Shenzhen Dazu Bi'an Numerical Control Software Technology Co., Ltd. (HAN'SPA for short) was jointly funded and established by Shenzhen Dazu Laser Technology Co., Ltd. and PowerAutomation GmbH (PA for short). It is committed to the research and development of CNC systems used in high-power laser cutting machines. The PA system has the advantages of fast speed, high precision, closed-loop multiple detection and so on.


Although as China best laser cutting machine manufacturer, our laser cutting system supports customers' choices, the cutting system under the standard configuration is the Shanghai Paqiu system.


high power laser cutting machine

The functions and characteristics of the control system are as follows:


  • Supports graphics data formats such as AI, DXF, PLT, Gerber, and accepts international standard G codes generated by Mater Cam, Type3, and Wentai.

  • Automatic optimization when opening/importing external files (such as DXF), including deleting duplicate lines, merging connecting lines, deleting the smallest graphics, automatically distinguishing internal and external models, sorting, etc. The automatic optimization process can be customized, and each of the above functions can also be performed manually.

  • Support common editing and typesetting functions, including zooming, rotating, aligning, copying, merging, smoothing, merging, etc.

  • Set the lead-in and lead-out line, slot compensation, micro-connection, bridging, over-cutting, leaving gap, etc. What you see is what you get.

  • Automatically distinguish the inner and outer molds, determine the slot compensation direction according to the inner and outer molds, and perform lead inspections.

  • Support curve splitting and merging, curve smoothing, text to curve, part merging and splitting, etc.

  • Flexible and diverse automatic sorting and manual sorting functions, supporting fixed processing sequence by grouping parts.

  • The unique processing order browsing function allows you to view processing orders more interactively than simulation.

  • It supports segmented perforation, progressive perforation and pre-perforation, and sets independent laser power, frequency, laser form, gas type, air pressure and follow height for the perforation and cutting process.

  • Support speed-related power adjustment, and set independent import and export linear speeds.

  • The powerful material library function allows to save all process parameters so that the same materials can be reused.

  • Processing breakpoint memory, tracking breakpoints before and after; allowing partial graphics processing.

  • During stop and pause, it supports positioning to any point and starting processing from any position.

  • The same software supports round tube cutting and plane cutting, and the programming method is exactly the same; it supports cross-line cutting.

  • Supports fixed height cutting, automatic edge finding, knife lifting off the field, and knife lifting.

  • Powerful expansion capability, up to 15 PLC process editors and more than 30 programmable processes.

  • Programmable input and output ports, programmable alarm input.

  • Support remote control system through wireless handheld box and Ethernet.


laser cutting machine system

The operation process of Baichu CypCut laser cutting control system

1. Import graphics

Click the open file button in the quick launch bar at the upper left corner of the interface, and the open file dialog box will pop up. Select the graphics you want to open. A quick preview window is provided on the right side of the "Open File" dialog box to help you quickly find the file you need.

2. Pretreatment

While importing graphics, CypCut will automatically remove the fewest graphics, copy lines, merge connected lines, and automatically distinguish internal and external models and sort them. Generally, no other processing is needed to set the process parameters.

3. Process settings

① Press Ctrl+A to select all drawings, and then click the "Auxiliary Line" button to set the parameters of the auxiliary line. Then click OK, the software will automatically find a suitable location to join the import and export. Click the small triangle under "Guidelines" and select "Check Import and Export" to check the legitimacy of the import and export.

② Click the "Layer" button on the right toolbar to set detailed cutting process parameters. The "Layer Parameter Setting" dialog box contains almost all parameters related to the cutting effect. Press "F6" to quickly call up this window for quick setting.

4. Cutting path planning

① In this step, sort the graphics as needed. Click the sort button to sort automatically. Click the small triangle below the sort button to select the sort mode, and control whether the automatic sorting process allows changing the graph direction.

② Click the graphics in turn to set the processing sequence. Hold down the mouse to draw a line from one graph to another, and you can specify the order between the two graphs.

③ Select several graphics that have been arranged in order, and then click "Combine" to fix their order. Automatic sorting and manual sorting no longer affect the graphics inside the group, and the group is always a whole.

④ Select a "group" and right-click to automatically sort the graphs in the group.

5. Inspection before processing

Before actual cutting, the machining path can be checked.

6. Processing control

The actual processing steps must be run on the actual machine tool and must be supported by dongle and control card. Before formal processing, it is necessary to match the graphics on the screen with the machine tool. For specific processing control methods, please refer to the operating instructions of the Cypcut system of BLMA fiber laser cutting machine.

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