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The Advantages of the 4 Roll Plate Rolling Machine
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The Advantages of the 4 Roll Plate Rolling Machine

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The above introduction to the types of steel plate rolling machine, described in detail the category of three roller plate rolling machine and its related details. This paper introduces the advantages of the 4 roll plate rolling machine. The 4 roll plate rolling machine is suitable for the bending of sheet metal, and it can roll round, arc, and conical workpiece in a certain range. Besides, it has the function of plate end pre-bending, the remaining straight edge is small, the work efficiency is high, and it can roughly level the sheet metal on the machine.

4 roll plate rolling machine

The structure of the 4 roller plate rolling machine is a 4 roller type. The upper roll is the main drive. The output gear of the reducer is meshed with the upper roll gear to provide torque for the rolled plate. The vertical movement of the lower roller is obtained by the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder acting on the piston, so as to clamp the plate and be hydraulically driven. The side rollers are provided on both sides of the lower roller and tilted along the rack rails, which are driven by the screw and the female worm gear. The advantage of this machine is that the pre-bending and rolling of the end of the plate can be performed on the same equipment.

Performance advantages

Regarding the superior performance of the 4 roller plate rolling machine, the performance is as follows:

1. Full hydraulic drive, high efficiency, and energy-saving (the driving power is equivalent to the traditional 60%).

2. The clamping pressure is adjustable (there is no slip, and the productivity is 50% -80% higher than that of the 3 roller plate rolling machine).

3. It can roll the cylinder with the diameter of the upper roller 1.1 times.

Structural advantages

The 4 roller steel plate rolling machine is currently the most advanced, high-efficiency, and high-precision product in China, and has an international advanced level. The specific contents of the two major structural advantages of the 4 roll plate bending machine are as follows:

1. The unique torsion shaft synchronization structure in China is used, which has high speed and good roundness after rolling.

2. The rollers on both sides are guided by planetary sway, and the track of the rollers on both sides is arc-shaped. The advantages of the arc-shaped line are:

     a. The best pre-bending effect can be obtained, the straight edge is short, and the roundness and accuracy of the cylinder are added.

     b. Reducing the spring back effect of the reel, making the diameter of the reel much smaller (can be used to roll a cylinder smaller than 1.1 times the diameter of the upper roller, while the linear sliding guide 4 roll plate rolling machine can roll the cylinder with a diameter of 1.4 -1.5 times the diameter of the upper roller).

The CNC 4 roller plate rolling machine is a machine for bending and correcting metal plates and is specially used for forming and bending metal plates. The pre-bending and curling of various specifications of cylindrical and arc-shaped workpieces can be completed after one-time feeding. With the help of auxiliary devices, the tapered cylindrical body can be rolled. It can also be used for rough shaping of metal plates. The 4 roll plate bending machine can pre-bend the end of the plate without using other equipment molds, and the remaining straight edges are smaller. Compared with the asymmetric 3 roller plate rolling machine, it can roll the workpiece without turning the board. This not only improves the efficiency and ensures the quality of the workpiece, but also has a simple process and convenient operation, which reduces the labor intensity of the workers.

4 roll plate bending machine

Compared advanteges

Compared with the 3 roller plate rolling machine, the superior characteristics of the 4 roll plate bending machine are as follows:

1. Automatic material matching. The plate is automatically aligned with the plate immediately after the roll.

2. The upper and lower rollers accurately clamp the plate at the tangent position to obtain the shortest straight edge length (excellent pre-bending function).

3. Sheet feeding. The sheet is always clamped between two centered upper and lower rollers to ensure consistent and ideal positioning.

4. One-time rolling is completed. The entire barrel can be completed by one roll, including pre-bending at both ends of the plate. Only need to determine the position of the side roller, automatic alignment, no need to turn the plate.

5. Auxiliary equipment. Alignment, pre-bending, and rolling are all centralized control. It can realize fast and safe pre-bending, and there is no damage to the edge of the plate. The lower supporting material contains a material matching device, which can eliminate the wrong edges generated during the rolling process. The upper supporting material is mainly set in conjunction with the rolling of large-diameter cylinders, which can replace the overhead lifting equipment to match the plate rolling.


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