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Best Press Brake Machine, China Vertical Press Brake
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Best Press Brake Machine, China Vertical Press Brake

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Best Press Brake Machine, China Vertical Press Brake


China vertical press brakes are machines used to bend sheet metal using tooling known as dies and punches. Each industrial press brake can bend thick plate (as well as thin sheet metal) across the whole machine. They use the power of heavy steel construction and brand-name parts to deliver reliably accurate results. 


China vertical press brake is the best press brake machine that benefits your bottom line with higher quality parts, faster cycle times, lower operating and maintenance costs. It is perfect for any fabrication shop or education faculty that needs to bend full 8-foot sheets of metal as it has a full 102 inches between the uprights.


China Vertical Press Brake

The China vertical press brake is perfect for any shop that currently has a vertical press brake, but has smaller jobs to do. The advantage of a vertical bending press is when a part is bent it's lying on its side on the perfectly machines bending plate, so it's completely square when completed. This advantage alone can save time and money compared to set up on a conventional brake press for smaller parts that have to be bent perpendicular to the beam.


BLMA's best press brake machines are designed for reliability, repeat-ability, precision, performance, and ease of operation. We offer press brake models for a wide range of applications, from small hot rod shops to large-scale manufacturers.


Performance characteristics of China vertical press brake


  • A special numeric-control system is fitted with the mainframe of the China vertical press brake.


  • The multi-work-step programming function is able to achieve an automatic operation and continuous positioning of multi-step procedures, as well as an automatic precision adjustment for positions of rear stopper and gliding block.


  • The best press brake machine is provided with a bend counting function, for a real-time display of processing quantity and power-failure memory of positions of stopper and gliding block, as well as procedures and parameters.


  • Imported ball bearing lead screw and linear guide rail are used for the rear stopper, to ensure the positioning precision of the rear stopper, for the processing precision of the best press brake machine to be higher.


  • The bending parameters can be selected by user-friendly cursor operation. Axis control supports servo control, 2-speed AC control, and inverter control. Depending on the application, you can choose both sides.


  • Positioning and one-sided positioning with spindle correction. A clear and simple operation can be achieved by tabulating the table on a bright LCD screen. Digital programming is user-friendly and guides the operator through all programming possibilities.


 Best Press Brake Machine

Standard equipment of the best press brake machine


1. Height-adjustable and movable sliding front support arm.

2. The top and bottom tools are surfaces hardened by special treatment.

3. Netherlands DELEM DA66T CNC system.

4. X-axis servo motor drive, timing belt + ball screw drive, high repeat positioning accuracy.

5. Optional metric and inch measurement, Chinese and English display.

6. Foot pedals are produced according to CE standards and are suitable for single and multiple bends.

7. Cylinder and top beam cover.

8. Pre-adjust electrical requirements based on the customer's geographic area.



Details of China vertical press brake


DA66T controller

1. 2D graphical touch screen. 

2. 3D visualization in simulation and production. 

3. 17" color LCD display. (TFT) 

4. Standard Windows functions. User-specific applications support. 

5. USB keyboard, mouse, and flash memory drive. 

6. Emergency stop device. 

7.German ROSCH-REXROTH or HOERBIGER hydraulic circuit. 

8. Equipped with European optical scales. 

9. Precision ball screw lead, linear slideway, and AC servo motor for X-axis. 

10. Bearing-type guideway system.





Original: Germany

Guarantees the machine service life and reduces the noise when working and high efficiency and energy saving.



Hydraulic system

Brand: BOSCH Rexroth

Original: Germany

Reduce the complexity and cost of maintenance and repair.

Resource allocation, higher efficiency, personalization, and higher profitability.


Hydraulic System

Sunny pump

American world-famous brand for hydraulic pump performs well and provides great power for the whole hydraulic system. lt can support the machine to continuous work for more than 13hours.


Sunny pump


South Korea brand footswitch is movable and can stop the machine anytime by the emergency button.


 Foot switch

Punch & Dies

Standard V Dies: Upper punch can be segment

Standard V Dies

Custom Dies and Holder: Custom service on dies, including designing and producing, and testing


Custom Dies and Holder

Factory features


1. BLMA is a local leading enterprise for over 20 years.

2. Factory covers an area of 50,000 square meters, production station of 35,000 square meters, and it has office buildings.

3. We have CE, ISO9001 certification.

4. We have exported to more than 50 countries, obtained the national machine tool certification, and all exported machines have a certificate of conformity.

5. We export for more than 10 years and have a good reputation domestically and abroad.

6. We have our own technical team, with a series of high-end talents for production and development.

7. Factory has more than 40 sets of CNC equipment such as gantry milling machine - drilling machine - planing milling machine, operated by more than 120 operators.

8. We have a sales team with the best attainment, best attitude, and best service.

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