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WC67K 600T/6000 CNC Press Brake Machine With E300 Controller
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WC67K 600T/6000 CNC Press Brake Machine With E300 Controller

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WC67K Hydraulic Torsion Servo CNC Press brake


WC67K CNC press brake machines have torsion bar synchronous CNC two-axis control capability. They are suitable for bend parts at a low-cost price. CNC torsion bar synchro hydraulic press brake is good for bending sheet metal plates in the factories. It is a cost-effective choice in the steel structure industry, rough machining factories, truck manufacturing industry, etc.

● Maximum 3+1 axis control (X, Y, R, C Axis)

● LCD TFT display

● Automatic calculation of Y-axis block position

● Bending angle programming

WC67K CNC press brake

The WC67K CNC press brake for sale has high productivity and high working accuracy. It can be bent into various shapes artifacts using different shapes of the upper and lower mold. WC67K press brake machine stroke at a time can be to a bending forming of sheet metal. After a lot of bending can obtain more complex in the shape of the workpiece, equipped with the corresponding equipment, can also make a punch.


The entire WC67K press brake machine is in a fully steel welded structure with stress eliminated by vibration aging technology. The CNC press brake for sale mainly consists of the left and right wall boards, working table, oil box, slot steel, synchronizing shaft, sliding block, etc. It enjoys high accuracy and high strength and can be transported easily. Machine tools have the function of point move, single and continuous, fast, and slow area distinguishing slider. The area can be adjusted independently. BLMA is a top 10 press brake manufacturers in China, providing high-quality WC67K CNC press brake machine.

Main Features

● The multi-work-step programming function is able to achieve an automatic operation and continuous positioning of multi-step procures, as well as an automatic precision adjustment for positions of rear stopper and gliding block.

● The servo motors for backgauge and ram stroke are controlled by a servo driver, which can achieve a high positioning accuracy of the backguage and can work with high speed.

● Different punch and dies are optional according to customer’s requirements, such as Multi-V die, radius die, gooseneck dies. etc. One set of complete standard punch and die will be included for free.

● The WC67K press brake machine is provided with a bend counting function, for a real-time display of processing quantity and power failure memory of positions of stopper and gliding block, as well as procedures and parameters.

● WC67K standard single-axis back gauge system and single-axis bending angle system, you can choose to add the V-axis compensation function and select the appropriate mold to bend complex shape workpieces easily.

Advantage of our CNC press brake 

1) Press brake working precision: +-0.5°

2) Press brake holding time: 0.2 seconds

3) Running speed fast : For example,100T press brake slider down ,100mm/s ,compare to others: 60mm/s

4) Back gauge and stroke adjustment speed fast: 250mm/s

5) Low noise:70 decibel (we adopt imported coupling)

Main Components

● CNC Controller: ESTUN E300 Controller, Italy

● European standard Punch & Dies

● Main motor: Siemens Germany

● Oil pump: Voith, Germany

● Hydraulic Valve: Bosch Rexroth, Germany

● Foot Pedal: Kacon, Korea

● Electric: Schneider, France

● Ball screw & linear guide

● Photoelectric Proximity Switch

● Mechanical quick clamps

● Servo motors

ESTUN E300 CNC Controller

1. 4 Axis are supported-X, Y, R, and C

2. Automatic calculation of Y-axis block position

3. Backguage controller by ESTUN servo motor, in high accuracy and efficiency

4. Optional Mechanical crowning or hydraulic crowning

5. Inch/Mm, English/Chinese

6. Stock up to 100 programs, 25 steps per program, support USB expansion

E300 CNC Controller

Germany Siemens Motor

Using Siemens motor guarantee the machine service life and improve the machine working stability.

Germany Siemens Motor

Germany Voith Oil Pump

Using Germany Voith oil pump guarantee low sensitivity to oil pollution, assure of long service life, and reduce noise during working.

Germany Voith Oil Pump

Bosch Rexroth Hydraulic Valve

Germany Bosch Rexroth integrated hydraulic valve block, hydraulic transmission with high reliability. The integrated hydraulic system can effectively alleviate problems caused by leakage of hydraulic fluid.

Bosch Rexroth Hydraulic Valve

Frane Schneider Electrics

Stable France Schneider electrics, Estun Servo drive to improve the positioning accuracy of X, Y-axis.

Frane Schneider Electrics

Hiwin Ball Screw and Linear Guide Rall

Using Taiwan Hiwin ball screw and linear guider to improve the machine backguage accuracy.

Hiwin Ball Screw and Linear Guide Rall

Kacon Pedal Switch

South Korea Kacon pedal switch, improving the service life and operational sensitivity.

Kacon Pedal Switch

Germany EMB Tube

Using Germany EMB tube and connectors reduce the odds against welding slag jam into the valves and affect oil flowing.

Germany EMB Tube

Mechanical Fast Clamps

Using a mechanical fast clamp for upper dies, changing dies more convenient and safe.

Mechanical Fast Clamps

42Crmo Toolings

The press brake dies are made of 42Crmo steel, and the temperature of heat treatment up to 42°, ensuring the die service life.

42Crmo Toolings

Front Plate Support

Movable front material support on Hiwin linear guider, can move left and right by hand very easily.

Front Plate Support

Mechanical Crowning

Optional electric mechanical crowing, improving the precision of bending angle and linearity.

Mechanical Crowning

Technical parameters


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