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Risk analysis of using press brake
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Risk analysis of using press brake

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Risk analysis of using press brake

Sheet metal bending machine is not only directly related to the smooth progress of the production plan, but also has an important impact on the enterprise economy. Therefore, the safety problem of bending machine is more and more concerned. For managers, the production process is not only concerned about the safety of the operator, but also the need for a comprehensive detection of the risk source of the bending machine work, and the development of corresponding safety protection measures.

In the whole production process of the enterprise, the source of risk in the operation of press brake mainly comes from the following two aspects: mechanical and electrical. So let's see what they are:

The first is mechanical:

Mechanical injury refers to the injury caused by the accidental release of energy during the operation of the machine, which is mainly caused by the following points:

1. No matter when the bending machine is operated, any part of the body can not be stretched between the upper and lower die.

2. Too many bending parts, different sizes, for the size of the workpiece is too large and heavy, must be more than two people with. After the machine is bent, the upper and lower dies are loosened. Without external force constraints, the plate will fall under the influence of its own weight. Therefore, many people must participate in the bending and lifting of the workpiece by the auxiliary machine (Figure. 1).

Figure 1 Multiplayer Assist

Figure 1 Multiplayer Assist

3. In the bending process, do not pile up materials and work at the height of the machine to prevent the machine from shaking and falling and wounding people. At the same time, the bending workpiece needs to be reasonably placed to avoid scratch accidents.

Then there's the electrical:

When the bending machine is working, the electrical damage to the human body is the highest, and the death rate is also the highest. The main sources of electrical injury are as follows:

1. The quality of tools or instruments is poor during operation, and leakage occurs during operation.

2. The electric motor and lighting facilities generate a large amount of heat, which may be touched by personnel without attention and lead to burns.

3. Leakage caused by long-term maintenance and replacement of aging lines.

4. And then is the common static electricity will cause sparks, prone to fire.

How to prevent it?

First, strictly abide by the on-site safety production rules:

1. Wear helmet, non-slip shoes and gloves. The previous procedure requires the burr treatment of the cut edge of the plate.

2. It is best to set up fence isolation in the bending working area, and install grating protection device on the machine if possible (Figure 2).

Figure 2 Grating protection device

Figure 2 Grating protection device

3. Formulate standardized production procedures, which are easy for operators to understand, accept and implement.

4. Use insulating tools when operating electricity, and regularly check whether the machine circuit is aging or damaged.

5. Post visible warning signs outside the guardrail.

6. Make relevant safety precautions and graphic prompts to improve the safety awareness of operators.

The use of bending machine must have a full understanding of the source of danger, active protection. Only in this way can we ensure the safe production of the machine.

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