Choosing Shearing machine: Guillotine shearing or swing beam shearing?
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Choosing Shearing machine: Guillotine shearing or swing beam shearing?

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The most significant difference between the two shears: the precision of the guillotine shear is greater than that of the swing beam shear

The swing beam shearing machine (Figure 1) is a shearing machine driven by hydraulic pressure. The upper tool frame of the swing beam shearing machine swings in an arc around a fixed axis during the shearing process. Through the action of leverage, the fulcrum is less stressed , which can improve the life of the cutting edge and the life of the machine, the structure of the whole machine is compact, and the stroke of the upper tool rest can be adjusted steplessly, which greatly improves the work efficiency;

Swing beam shearing machine

Figure 1 Swing beam shearing machine

The guillotine shearing machine (Figure 2) has the advantages of strong shearing force and good shearing effect, and has always been highly praised by the majority of sheet metal processing. The guillotine shearing machine adopts the frame structure and adopts all-steel welding; High precision, good rigidity, and hydraulic preload. The hydraulic system adopts two-way cartridge integrated valve; the whole system adopts it; and can be equipped with stroke digital display, photoelectric protection device and mobile worktable (convenient to replace the mold). The guillotine shearing machine has the double-action function of the upper slide block and the lower hydraulic pad. The working pressure stroke can be adjusted within the specified range according to the process requirements, and the operation is simple and centralized with buttons.

Guillotine shearing machine

Figure 2  Guillotine shearing machine

Secondly, the uses of the two are different:

  1. Application of guillotine shearing machine: It is used in industries such as automobiles, tractors, rolling stock, ships, motors, instruments, etc. It is also suitable for stretching of various high-strength alloy plates.

  2. Application of swing beam shearing machine: It is used for drawing, bending, extrusion, forming and other processes of sheet metal in power industry and aviation industries.

Therefore, when the requirements for shearing accuracy are not high and the plate thickness is not high, the choice of swing beam shear can effectively reduce the cost. For thick plates, it is recommended to choose guillotine shears.

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